Digital customer acquisition – every lead is a human

The vast majority of companies can only survive if they regularly acquire new customers and orders. For obvious reasons, online channels have become essential for businesses in the course of digitalization. It has never been easier to reach huge audiences in such a short time period.
Taking into account that the average German spends 3 hours online every day, companies have the chance to reach and win potential customers every day anew!

An example: a nationwide producer of synthetic turf, faced the challenge of making profit after experiencing a sales slump after another. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and Google advertisements we were able to bring our client back on track within just a few weeks.

Conventional advertising

Print advertisements / TV and radio spots / outdoor advertising / giveaways / trade fairs & exhibitions / sponsoring

Expensive & inefficient
High scatter losses
No clear performance measurement
No personalization

Online marketing



»Our result after 3 weeks? Over 400 free-sample orders, 80% turned into paying customers! We’ve saved the company!«

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